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Father's Day Fashions

Father's Day Fashions

Dads are great, but buying clothes for dads can be tough. Today we’ll help you simplify your Father's Day fashion dilemma by looking at some easy ways you can liven up his wardrobe with some sun-kissed summer flair.

Introducing Dad to New Styles

A single thoughtful gift can completely change a man's mindset about fashion.

Father's Day can be a great time to introduce new fashions to your dad, or to any man who you don’t normally think of as the fashionable type!

The sheer variety of options that goes with proper accessorizing can overwhelm many men, but these small additions to an outfit can really make a big difference, and you might be surprised to see the effect a premium pair of designer shoes can make on dad’s appearance!

Case in point: imagine your dad's outfit going from old sneakers to these plush penny loafers.

These penny loafers are a posh gift for dad this Father's Day.

Dads And Shoes

Some men don’t have the confidence or desire to pull off wearing certain accessories like rings or scarfs, so finding the right gift for them can be more difficult. A better idea for these types of men is a good pair of premium loafers or driving shoes.

Shoes are a safer bet because they are easier to wear and are usually seen as simpler additions to an outfit than other types of accessories.

The color and texture of this gingham driving loafer would compliment a more reserved look.

Great shoe gift ideas for Father's Day.


Dads And Hats

Hats are great. They're practical on the one hand, since they can protect the skin from harsh sunlight, and on the other hand they are a great way to up your fashion game.

Hats are especially useful during the summer when dad may go on his fishing or camping trips, so a wide brimmed hat is definitely something to keep in mind when looking for your perfect Father’s Day gift.

For a dad who values a vintage, classy look, a dark colored fedora is a good option that compliments many different styles. These hats pair well with suits or even less formal outfits.

If your dad has a flashier side, opt for brighter colors and a more modern look with a chic flat cap, or if you’re feeling extra adventurous, try getting him a designer plumed hat. Few things can top off a man's outfit like a feathered cap.

Dads And Suits

Buying a suit for your dad can be a gamble, it can it really pay off!

Suits tailored from linen, which is a great material for resisting heat, will keep dad comfortable even if your event is in the sweltering summer heat. Consider two-piece suits or formal jackets in lieu of three-piece suits or extremely formal tuxedos. No one wants to wear a tight-fitting tux in 95-degree weather, after all.

Try a bright color for that vintage summer look.

Linen suit for Father's Day gift.


Dads mean the world to us, so keep these few tips in mind and you’ll make the most out of your fashionable Father’s Day gift.

Who knows, your gift may even encourage him to pay more permanent attention to his wardrobe!

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