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A Floral Boutonniere On A Tuxedo

5 Must-Have Prom Accessories For Guys In 2023

Is styling for prom as easy as just buying a suit or tuxedo? Well, maybe not.

As you get ready to create your outfit for prom, remember that one of the best ways to add style to your look is to effectively pair your outfit with your accessories.

Since accessories are so diverse and the amount of colors, textures, styles and motifs almost limitless, making full use of accessories can be difficult, but the results are usually worth it.

To get the very most out of your apparel, check out our style guide!

Rose Gold Velvet Prom Bow-Tie And Lapel Pin
Silver Two-Toned Velvet Prom Bow-Tie And Lapel Pin
Rose Gold Velvet - 39.99 Silver Two-Toned Velvet - 39.99
Black And Gold Prom Butterfly Bow-Tie
Paisley White Prom Butterfly Bow-Tie
Black And Gold Butterfly - 29.99 White Paisley Butterfly - 29.99

For A Cost Effective Prom

If you're on a budget, or if you really want to stand out in your outfit, accessories are one of the easiest and most cost-effective ways to really put your own signature on a look, so knowing how to style them is very important for almost any situation, not just for prom.

When properly worn, accessories can add flair to your look and tie together or "cinch" the different parts of your outfit for a much lower expense than most people realize.

Maybe even more importantly, accessories are another way to express things about yourself, from a particular hobby to a personal belief, and they can create an accent to a look or style that would otherwise be unreachable with just your regular attire.

Colorful Plaid Neck-Tie Livens Up A Suit


Neckwear is very noticeable and can add a particular shade of style to almost any outfit, whether it's a suit, tuxedo, just a jacket, or even something as plain as a simple vest or dress shirt. It can be used to accent or "pop" certain colors or be used to draw attention to specific parts of your body or outfit.

If you have a date for prom, neckwear can be an easy way to match your date's colors in an otherwise solid colored outfit.

Traditionally, neckties are worn with suits and bow-ties are worn with tuxedos, so if you'd like a more vintage look, be sure to wear the correct kind of tie with the correct outfit.

In recent years, butterfly styled bow-ties have become a more popular option, and feature a longer, extended bow for a look that pairs well with highly formal or flashier outfits, like slim-fit suits or double-breasted tuxedos.

Vests are an interesting option, since they can be styled with either a necktie or a bow-tie, for a very clean and inexpensive look, though your outfit might lack the sheer impact of a full suit or tuxedo ensemble.

Purple Socks With Derby Lace Shoes


Socks do stand out more during dancing and moving around, but overall, socks are less noticeable than neckwear. Despite this, they can still be an effective avenue to add color, depth, and style to almost any outfit.

Like with neckwear, socks come in a wide variety of colors to match almost any motif or style, so be sure to experiment and find a pair that accents your oufit.

Black Satin Slim-Width
Scarlet Satin Slim-Width
Black Satin Slim-Width - 29.99 Scarlet Satin Slim-Width - 29.99
Gold Cross Lapel Pin
Gold Stallion Crest Lapel Pin
Gold Cross - 29.99 Gold Stallion Crest - 29.99

Socks can also be reused outside of prom and formal events, unlike with neckwear. You can even wear designer socks with casual outfits, which lends them a degree of versatility not found with other kinds of accessories.

Socks are also an important part of comfort when moving or dancing, so investing in a good pair is a good way to protect your feet and make sure you stay comfortable throughout your entire prom night.

A Crystal Embedded Trumpet Lapel Pin

Lapel Pins

Though they may seem like a small addition, lapel pins occupy a prominent spot in your outfit (the left lapel), and can add an extremely important finishing touch to an outfit. 

Lapel pins are also a great way to express yourself or your interests, represent your country or your beliefs, and tie together your outfit, and come in nearly any appearance, from stylized animals to geometric shapes.

The importance of lapels is often overlooked, but they're one of the most important parts of your suit or tuxedo jacket, and you should pay attention to them when you're styling your outfit, even if you choose not to wear a lapel accessory.

Lapel pins are also sometimes styled with larger brooches or chains. These can be heavier and more difficult to wear than an ordinary lapel pin, but can also be very opulent and stylish, adding a lot to your look.

Boutonnieres are often interchangeable with standard lapel pins, but it should be noted there is a difference, and that lapel pins are usually styled to be slightly less formal. Boutonnieres are almost always feature a floral motif while lapel pins have a far more diverse range of possible styles.

Traditionally, guys have worn floral or rose lapel pins to prom, but lapel pins are so diverse and have such a range of styles that you can get one that represents almost anything.

Bottles Of Cologne


Cologne is an important part of any outfit, but it's also an vital part of a person's style more generally speaking, because it takes advantage of one of the body's major senses (smell). The combination of scent (from cologne) and appearance (from your outfit) is a powerful tool to create your own personal style to give you a very memorable prom.

If you overapply your cologne, you're only wasting it, so we don't recommend it.

Cologne should only ever be applied in moderate doses and at certain specified areas of the body, called pulse points. These areas are in places like the wrists, back the the legs, neck, and chest.

Notes like leather, citrus, and spice are all popular choices, and blend well with a masculine look. Try to find notes that compliment your body's own natural oils, experiment and match different notes with different motifs and outfits.

A scent is very memorable and will create a lasting impact on whoever smells it. This is especially true if you have a date. Also, no one will want to be around you if you smell bad, so it's wise to keep scent in mind.

Chrome Plated Designer Belt Buckle

Belt Buckles

Often overlooked, belt buckles are a flashy way to add flair to your outfit and create another dimension to style with.

Belt buckles have a long history of being used to cultivate a masculine look full of virality and bravado, and are especially effective in showy, ornately styled outfits, like those during prom.

Though perhaps not quite as varied and diverse as lapel pins or ties, belt buckles come in a wide variety of appearances which allows for a rich amount of styling and pairing options for almost anyone's interests.

For a more slick look that incorporates a stylish belt buckle, try a designer emblem buckle styled with a chrome exterior, for a very suave way to add to your outfit's look.

Silver Geometric Prom Belt And Buckle
Steel Designer Prom Belt And Buckle
Silver Geometric - 39.99 Steel Designer -39.99
Gold Overlap Prom Belt And Buckle Double Giancini Prom Belt And Buckle
Gold Overlap - 39.99
Double Giancini - 39.99

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