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Men's Fashion Ideas For Easter

Men's Styling For Easter | Easter Suit Sale 2023

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Easter is right around the corner, so that means its time for all you suave gentlemen to sharpen your spring fashion sensibilities and start 2023 off on the right foot.

For most men, looking good for Easter can be summed up in 2 words: smart casualYou'll want to blend trendy and professional elements in your wardrobe to create this look.

But, it's also very possible to create a showier, less traditional Easter look, if you're up for it.

To get the very most out of your apparel, check out our style guide!

The Perfect Easter Look For Men
Styling For Easter

Remember, your Easter fashions should also anticipate the weather at your event. This is true in fashion for any holiday in general, but Easter is fairly unique, since it specifically has strong connections to nature and the outdoors.

Since Easter is usually associated with sunshine, springtime and fair weather, most Easter outfits tend to include stylings of layered, lightweight, lightly colored ensembles. But certain accessories, like hats and sunglasses, can make styling your Easter outfit a little bit more complicated.

Styling your outfit for Easter is usually going to be about a few things, and one of them is almost always pastel colors.

These colors are nearly ubiquitous in Easter fashion, not only for fashion but for most of the holiday in general, so most people are going to be working with a pastel color palette when creating their Easter look.


Wearing a highly formal outfit for Easter appropriately depends largely on the kind of event you are attending. For most events, we would recommend a more casual look.

But for those of you that do need formalwear this Easter, try a very suave pastel look that doesn't skimp on the sophistication with this lavender 3-piece, complete with peak lapels and gold buttons for a truly formal style. 

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Shop Easter Footwear

Whether your Easter look is smart casual or highly formal, you'll want to accent your outfit with footwear that reflects the look of the season.

We recommend avoiding boots and heavy-laden dress shoes in favor of lighter, more flexible options. Try a comfortable pair of loafers, like these bit loafers stylized with silver, for an eye-catching look that pairs well with vests or suits.

Styling with pastel colors keeps your look coordinated, but you can also experiment with strong neutral colored footwear for more formal outfits. Strong neutrals work well with pastels and won't interrupt the rest of your look.

Lightweight Vests

Shop Easter Vests

For a truly sparse option that still stays very slick when styled well, a lightly colored, lightweight vest is an easy, versatile choice that can be paired with nearly any kind of accessory, making it appropriate for all variety of events and types of weather.

To add a slightly more formal spin to your vest's look, experiment with darker colored accessories and neutral colored accents. 

But remember, Easter is usually about bright colors and a sunny attitude, so try not to get carried away with the darker shades.

Smart Casual Jackets

Shop Easter Jackets

To really embody a smart casual look, try a nice blazer or suit jacket styled without a tie. This look is very slick but is also a lot less formal than wearing a suit and tie. 

Jackets are also more lightweight than a formal suit, but wearing a jacket will still almost always leave you less maneuverable than if you were wearing a vest.

For a vintage Easter look, try to remember to keep your color scheme on the lighter side, and to experiment with different lapel styles and jacket fits until you find a look that really suits you.

Springtime Headwear

Men's Safari HatMen's Navy Fedora 

Shop Easter Headwear

To add a bit of flair to your Easter look, a simple accessory can go a long way.

Hats and springtime go together like Easter and rabbits, so try a lightly colored fedora or experiment with a shorter-brimmed trilby hat to make your jacket or vest really pop and help give that springtime feel to your outfit.

Pastel Dress Pants

Shop Easter Dress Pants

Chinos or solid khakis are usually a safe option for most Easter outfits, and they can be easily styled and paired with a lot of different looks.

But for a flashier outfit that stays true to the springtime vibe, try a pair of pastel colored dress pants. These are accented with a plaid exterior for great mix of tradition with a healthy dose of Easter flair

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