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Discounted Prom Tuxedos

Prom Sale 2024 | Top 5 Prom Tuxedos For Guys

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Prom Is A Special Occasion

Prom is more than just a time to dance and have fun: it’s a huge milestone marking the progression of a young person’s life. It’s a rite of passage that marks one of the most important transitions from youth to adulthood, and it’s also one of the last times high school friends are able to gather together before embarking on their individual paths to real adulthood.

How one looks plays a big role in the prom experience. A good prom outfit can boost confidence, make a strong impression, and express individuality. It can showcase a specific style and personality, making the event that much better and more memorable.

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Wearing A Tuxedo For Prom

Tuxedos are an especially popular option for prom. They’re timeless, elegant, and they make a strong statement. They’re a symbol of sophistication and maturity, and wearing a tuxedo at prom is a nod to the person’s path to adulthood, so picking a good one is an important decision!

That’s why our tuxedos are specifically designed to stand out on this special night. We specialize in rare tuxedos have a huge range of highly unique designs, styles and looks, perfect for anyone’s own unique style, and now, with our 20% discount, there’s no better time to invest in a quality tuxedo.

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Find The Perfect Prom Outfit

Not looking for a tuxedo? We have an equally diverse range of suits and vests perfectly crafted to give you the most suave, debonair look among all your friends!

So get creative and craft an outfit that will have everyone talking about you for the rest of the year. You may be surprised at how big of an impact you’ll make.

Need some inspiration to help you choose your perfect outfit for prom? Here are a few of our top tuxedo picks for this season:

Leopold | Black 3-Piece Slim-Fit Tuxedo

Leopold | Black 3-Piece Slim-Fit Tuxedo

Stylishly detailed peak lapels and a figure-hugging slim-fit define the Leopold: a smoothly tailored 3-piece tuxedo with a slim-fit and sleek silhouette that create a fine mix of both orthodox and unorthodox designs for a debonair look at weddings or prom.

Pascal | White Damask 3-Piece Tailored-Fit Tuxedo

Present a luxurious look in the Pascal: a suave, comfortably fitting tuxedo styled with an elegant combination of embroidered damask and peak lapels. Features an accompanying jacket with extra-wide lapels and a vintage, single-breasted design that's sure to make a smooth impact at wedding events or prom.

Monte | Royal Blue Splash 3-Piece Tailored-Fit Tuxedo

Boldly styled with a striking paisley exterior and peak lapels, the Monte is a flashy 3-piece tuxedo styled with a hint of attitude to balance its sophisticated design. Featuring a precise tailor-fit and a traditionally styled single-breasted vest, this tuxedo's stylings offer a glamorous alternative to the ordinary tuxedo without sacrificing style or comfort.

Felix | Red Floral 3-Piece Tailored-Fit Tuxedo

A stylish, succulent alternative to the classic black tux, the Felix features a handsome mix of flash and elegance to keep you in peak style during your wedding or prom events. An eye-catching modern design and sophisticated floral exterior complement its ornately styled peak lapels and easy-to-wear single-breasted vest.

Dante | Cream Glitter 3-Piece Tailored-Fit Tuxedo

Satin peak lapels and a high-key double-breasted vest tastefully accent the Dante's handsome style and statement-making appeal. Finely detailed with a specked glitter exterior, its designed to light up the room and put its wearer at the center of attention.

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