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Men's Outfits For New Year's Eve

Styling For New Year's: Outfit Advice For Men

New Year's Eve is the biggest party night of the year, and it's a great chance for every fashionable gentleman to show off his elevated sense of style.

Are you looking for some inspiration for your New Year's Eve ensemble? Or are you just looking to craft that perfect new outfit for 2023?

New Year's Eve fashion trends are wide and diverse, so knowing what kind of event you are attending is paramount to crafting an appealing style for the circumstance.

No matter what kind of event you attend for New Year's, be it casual or formal, we'll help you style for the occasion.

To get the very most out of your apparel, check out our style guide!

Suits and Tuxedos For New Year's Eve

Formal Events

If the event you're attending is at a nightclub, high-end restaurant, or a fancy hotel, then this is probably the dress code you should be aiming for.

Unless it's exceptionally formal, then these kinds of events call for a nice blazer or jacket to be worn smartly with a pair of dress pants. Jeans can also be worn, if the situation calls for it and styled appropriately.

But remember: the flashier the pants, the flashier the outfit, so don't be afraid to confidently style your dress pants.

Above all else, avoid business casual: looking like a businessman at a party is not a good look, and it's an easy mistake to avoid.

If you are at a more formal event, or if you just feel like going that extra mile, a nicely fitting suit is always an attractive option; remember to find a fit according to your body's natural figure.

If you don't know what kind of suit you fit into, then find out. A nice fit is usually the difference between a good look and a bad one.

A Flashy Suit Jacket

And, assuming you do choose to dress in a suit, make sure you accent it with a pair of dress shoes. Please, no sneakers or sports shoes.

-- Know The Occasion --

For Formal events Remember to:

  • Check the invite for dress code
  • Avoid business-casual
  • Try different kinds of dress pants
  • No sneakers

Casual Events

Events taking place at a friend's house, or with your neighbors or relatives, usually call for a more relaxed style of dress.

A good casual outfit is always easy fitting and comfortable, but that doesn't mean it has to be plain. Creating a memorable casual look is a difficult skill and can sometimes be just as hard as styling for formal outfits.

Designer Men's Cardigan

One easy way to create a nice casual look that stands out is to avoid more common types of clothing.

pullover or cardigan are two ways you can casually flex your superior fashion sense without resorting to the more traditional options of a jacket or blazer.

These can be easily stylized with a jeans and sneakers, though if you are feeling up to it, a nice pair of oxfords also work nicely and will add a subtle touch to your outfit.

Wearing dress shoes with jeans can take some getting used to, but the results are often very surprising.

Oxford Dress Shoes With Jeans

Hats can be a useful way to add dimension to your outfits without too much effort, and they really look great when styled on the right personHats also have the added benefit of protecting your head from the elements.

For a versatile, casual look this New Year's Eve, try pairing a slick wool fedora with a button-down shirt and a pair of khakis.

-- Fashionably Laid Back --

Remember to:

  • Use easy fitting and comfortable styles
  • Don't be afraid of some casual flair
  • Hats are amazing
  • Try a pair of oxfords

Black-Tie Events

Styling for black tie events is usually fairly straightforward, but there is a trick to pulling off the look correctly. This trick is subtle, and not always an easy thing to achieve.

As with any black tie gathering, you're going to want to bring your best tuxedo and style it appropriately with dress shoes; for an extra flashy look, try a pair sporting some kind of patent leather.

Don't forget to properly style your undershirt, and please, remember to wear a bowtie (not a necktie).

If you're nervous that your tuxedo isn't from the most famous label, then don't worry. Labels don't matter: all that matters is how you look, not the label.

Now, the important part.

Since most men at a black-tie event will all basically all be wearing the same thing (a tuxedo), your own individuality and style will only shine through according to your attention to detail and accessorizing. Styling your accessories well will help you to stand out from the crowd.

Tuxedo Lapel Pins

This means that things like lapels and lapel pins are going to come in extra handy. Assuming that you want to stand out, keeping them in mind is important.

-- Dress Smartly --

Remember to:

  • Pay attention to fit
  • Labels don't matter
  • Accessorize
  • Polish your shoes

For Cold Weather

Having a New Year's party outdoors can be a lot of fun, and it's always great to breathe in that crisp winter air, but no one wants to freeze while they do it.

For an event that's outside during New Year's, make sure you layer up, and don't forget your overcoat and your sweater. These kinds of tops are easy to pair with and can be worn smartly or more casually to suit the mood.

Menswear Overcoat

Outside events usually allow for a greater degree of flexibility and casual styles, but you can still find ways to showcase your fashion sense.

A nice pair of boots is an often-overlooked way to avoid the more ordinary look of traditional dress shoes, and their warmth just makes them extra useful in the December weather.

Boots don't have to be ugly and clunky, by the way.

A chic pair of chelsea boots is a sleek, modern, and easy way to put a spin on your winter-weather outfits, stylize your icy-weather-look with a fashionable pair to keep the cold out.

-- Frigid Styling --

Remember to:

  • Dress in layers
  • Bring your coat (or overcoat)
  • Bring your boots
  • Don't freeze

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