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Summer Wedding Tuxedos And Suits 2024

How to Style For Summer Weddings | Top Outfit Ideas For Guys 2024

Summer is a time for fun, sunshine, and of course, style. As the temperatures rise, so does the need for fashionable men to dress stylishly and look their best during their summertime excursions.

Accordingly, finding the right look for a summer wedding is all about striking the right balance between formal style and flexible comfort. 

Choosing the right summer wedding outfit means paying attention to materials, but if you do, you’ll be able to celebrate in true summer style without breaking a sweat.

Browse Summer Wedding Tuxedos

Summer Weddings: A Man’s Guide

Like we mentioned in our spring wedding post, weddings are among the most important events in life. In almost every part of the world, weddings are a celebration of love and new beginnings.

But weddings aren’t entirely about love, they are also prime opportunities for a man to show off his own personal style and taste.

Understanding how to style effectively in different types of weather is a key part of cultivating one’s own fashion sense and for building one’s own personal style, no matter what you ultimately decide to wear during the event itself.

Summer Outfits vs Spring Outfits

As great as springtime weddings are, not every wedding can be held in the spring, and many couples opt for weddings in the summer, for various reasons.

But while a spring wedding might call for one kind of outfit, it’s important to remember that a summer wedding, usually being in much warmer, sunnier weather, might call for something completely different.

While both summer and spring weddings call for lighter materials and colors, keep in mind that there are some differences. Technically speaking, what qualifies as “spring” in some areas can still be quite cool, so spring wedding attire can actually sometimes include darker hues and slightly heavier materials.

Browse Summer Wedding Suits

Summer weddings, on the other hand, particularly those being held outdoors, will often be much warmer and will have much more sunshine.

This means one thing: opt for lighter colors. During the summer, light colors are key. Not only are they easy to style, they are also exceedingly practical, since they can reflect sunlight and keep you quite a few shades cooler, even in the middle of the day. 

Choose the Right Fabric And Material

Since the material of your outfit can always make a significant difference in comfort, especially during a summer wedding, you’ll want to consider what it's made of before you attend the event, not after.

Wool is a popular choice in the summer for suits and vests due to its durability and versatility. Look for lightweight wool or wool blends, which will breathe better than heavier winter wools.

Browse Summer Wedding Vests And Shirts

Browse Summer Wedding Vests And Shirts

Linen, known for its breathability and ability to wick away moisture, is another excellent choice for summer weddings. While linen suits can wrinkle easily, this is part of their relaxed charm.

Linen and wool are just two examples in a long list of summer fabrics, but keep in mind that whatever you wear, your choice in fabric and materials should nearly always be lightweight and breathable to ensure you stay comfortable and you don’t have a heat stroke.

Suits vs Tuxedos

This is a pretty common question for a lot of events, and really, the answer comes down to the level of formality associated with the event itself. It can also depend on whether or not you’d like to make a powerful statement with your outfit or appearance.

Generally speaking, the choice will usually come down to a choice between suit or tuxedo jackets.

Suits and suit jackets are versatile and can be dressed up or down depending on the occasion. For a casual or semi-formal wedding, a well-tailored suit in a lighter color, such as gray or navy, can be a perfect choice, especially for someone not looking to raise any eyebrows. Just remember to consider the material your suit is tailored from.

Browse Summer Wedding Footwear

Tuxedos and dinner jackets, on the other hand, are usually quite a bit flashier, make more of an impact, and are generally reserved for more formal events.

Remember that outdoor summer wedding events may call for lighter materials and colors, even with tuxedos. A classic black tuxedo might be too hot for an outdoor ceremony, so consider lightweight materials if you have to wear black, or go with a lighter color if you have the option.

Here are a few of our top tuxedo and suit picks for weddings this summer:

Julius | Black Floral 3-Piece Tailored-Fit Tuxedo

Perfect for a sophisticated, high-key style, the Julius features a precise tailored-fit design, satin peak lapels, and folded cuffs, creating a suave mix of styles that looks great during weddings or formal events. Stylish embroidery and a versatile U-shaped vest complete its dapper look that keeps you looking your best while staying comfortable.

Orlando | White and Gold Paisley Tailored-Fit Jacket

Impressive paisley and flashy peak lapels create a handsome mix in the Orlando, a high-key formal jacket with a sumptuous design that's meant to light up the room and put you in the center of attention. Its satin detailing and a highly formal paisley motif make it a great alternative option for weddings, prom, or homecoming. Styles well with a variety of flashier footwear styles, including loafers and dress shoes.
Laurent | Beige Tailored-Fit Tuxedo Jacket

Instantly revitalize your formal wardrobe with the Lauren, a suavely designed tuxedo jacket featuring contrast colored shawl lapels and a finely crafted tailored-fit, creating a smooth, high-key look perfect for weddings or formal events. Two front flap-close pockets give ample space to style accessories or hold small essential items.
Cedric | Dusty Rose Splash Tailored-Fit Jacket

A cool, versatile addition to any formal wardrobe, the Cedric's smooth curves and streamlined shawl lapels create a relaxed yet sophisticated style that's perfect for staying suave at weddings or formal events. Features a chic textured exterior and easy-to-wear single-button design tailored to stand out without sacrificing comfort.

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