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6 Hot Prom Outfit Ideas For Guys In 2023

6 Hot Prom Outfit Ideas For Guys In 2023

Prom is always a great time, and one of the most important parts of a person's time at high school, but it's also an opportunity to show off all your best qualities, including your fashion sense.

If you want to go all out and really make an impact, then styling for prom can be difficult.

So to get those creative juices flowing, take a look at some of these handcrafted outfit ideas that will help keep you looking sharp during your prom night:

To get the very most out of your apparel, check out our style guide!

Classic Black Tuxedo

Classic Tuxedo With Oxfords

For a classic, straightforward look with not much to think about, a solid black tuxedo styled nicely with a pair of Oxford lace dress shoes is a great option that presents a classic style.

With this look, the main thing you need to make sure of is that your tuxedo is properly fitted.

Slim-fit tuxedos are very stylish and vogue, but it might not be the best option if you're planning on dancing or moving around a lot during your night, so a regular-fit might be a better option.

If you're unsure how the fit of a tuxedo affects its look, or if you're unsure of your measurements, check out our fitting guide.

 Classic Black 2-Piece Tuxedo White 3-Piece Tuxedo And Vest
Classic Black - 269.99 Stylish White - 269.99
Brown Cap-Toe Oxford Dress Shoes Black Patent Leather Dress Loafers
Cognac Dress Cap-Toe - 79.99 Black Sleek Patent Leather - 89.99

Slim-Fit Tuxedo With Colored Accessories

Adding a few brightly colored accessories to your tuxedo outfit will change it's style without too much effort required on your part, and without too much added cost.

Go crazy with wild colors and designs, pair them with colorful and eye-catching accessories.

Belts, ties, and lapel pins are three popular accessory types that can add a lot to your outfit for a very small investment.

A solid black tuxedo really makes brighter colors pop, and when styled well the contrast between the two can make for a very suave look.

Double-breasted vests can be worn with tuxedos and can be more difficult to wear, but they add an extra dimension of formality to an outfit and will help you stand out without having to resort to wild colors or flashy accessories.

Colored Tuxedo With Peak Lapels

If wild colors aren't your thing but you still want a slightly different take on the classic tuxedo, try a more ornate styled tuxedo with a a double-breasted vest and peak lapels for added flair and formality.

Pair this with some patent black loafers and you'll have a very potent look on your hands.

Patent leather has a glossy sheen to its surface that creates a nice look when paired with the solid white stylings of the tuxedo, so look for a pair to style with to give your outfit an extra layer of shine.

Peak lapels feature a point in their design that creates a flashier, bolder look, and looks great on colorful tuxedos and jackets, and they accent the bold design of patent leather well.

Blue Tuxedo With Peak Lapels

Burgundy Jacket With Peak Lapels

It's hard to go wrong with a burgundy jacket. So if tuxedos aren't your thing, try one

Burgundy is a classic color option that pairs easily with a variety of styles and accenting colors, while notch lapels add to the vintage, more lowkey look.

Jackets by themselves are usually easier to wear than tuxedos, especially slim-fitting tuxedos, and they can still present a very dapper look that's very different from the classic black and white tuxedo.

Like with a classic tuxedo, this look can be capped off with very few accessories and a good pair of Oxfords or Derby lace dress shoes. Patent leather should often be avoided however, since its gloss may not pop like it does with a black tuxedo.

Burgundy Suit With Notch Lapels

White Suit With Monk Straps

Solid white can be a great alternative to the traditionally colored suit for an eye-catching look with a touch of elegance and refine.

White is extremely versatile and and can be paired with nearly any other color when styled correctly, but it can be more difficult to pull off than more commonly seen colors.

Peak lapels are a bit more showy than notch lapels, so accent them well with a flashier pair of dress shoes, maybe velvet or suede, or if you are really feeling it, try a pair of monk straps.

Monk straps are fairly uncommon but always convey a sense of class and luxury.

White Suit With Peak Lapels And A Pink Undershirt

 Burgundy 3-Piece Slim-Fit Suit Gold Velvet Slim-Fit Jacket
Burgundy Slim - 269.99 Gold Velvet - 199.99
White Paisley Tasseled Dress Loafers White Oxford Lace Dress Sneaker
Tasseled Paisley - 89.99 Urban Oxford - 89.99

Gold Jacket With Turtleneck And Sneakers

You don't have to wear a full suit or tuxedo to look good and stand out. It may surprise you to see someone wearing a suit jacket with sneakers, but they are very pairable and can create a very nice modern look. Try a pair of oxford lace style sneakers for a great mix of modern and vintage styles.

Take advantage of vibrant motifs and colors to create a stylish look without the expense of a full suit or tuxedo.

Try a simple, bright colored jacket with slacks and a pair of dress sneakers for an suave, intelligent look that's also very flexible and easier to wear than a suit or tuxedo.

Pairing your jacket with a turtleneck instead of a dress shirt creates a modern look that is also quite lowkey and stylish and really accents a good pair of dress sneakers.

Gold Velvet Jacket With Notch Lapels

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