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Best Shoes For High School Graduation Ceremony

5 Great Men's Dress Shoe Styles For Graduation

Whether it's for high school or college, graduation is one of the most important events for a fashionable young gentleman's life, so it's only natural that a man would want to look his best.

One of the best ways to cinch your look during graduation is to style yourself correctly with the right pair of footwear, but you have a lot of options, so finding the right pair might be harder than you think.

Ultimately, a lot of the decision boils down to choosing between a more traditional versus a showier, more modern design. 

Traditional dress shoes, like Oxford and Derby shoes, present a more orthodox style, while sneakers and loafers convey a flashier, more modern attitude.

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Men's Oxford Dress Shoes
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One thing to remember about many traditional styles of dress shoe is that they often feature brogue designs, such as wingtip, cap-toe, or plain-toe.

Broguing is the practice of using small perforations (holes) to decoratively cover parts of the shoe, usually in the shoe's vampquarter or toe.

Another thing to remember is comfort: no matter how you decide to style your feet, remember that comfort is going to be an important issue, and depending on the circumstances of your graduation, you may or may not be doing a lot of standing or walking, so dress your feet appropriately!


Men's Classic Brown Wingtip Oxfords
--A classic among classics, the Oxford derives its name from the region in England where it was first created, and always features its trademark "V" shaped, closed-lace design.
--An excellent starting point into luxury footwear, Oxfords offer a mix of sleekness and tradition that is stylish but also fairly reserved and low-key.
--Oxford's can be designed with a diverse range of brogue styles, experiment with different styles and looks until you find one that you really love.


Men's Gray Cap-Toe Derby Lace Dress Shoe


--Derbies also come from England and feature bit more foot room than Oxfords thanks to their open-lace design and wider instep.

--Another bona fide classic, though slightly less ubiquitous than Oxfords, Derbies are a traditional, safe option that won't raise too many eyebrows.

--Like Oxfords, Derbies also often feature very intricate brogue designs which can completely change the look of the shoe, so be sure to experiment with different looks.

Monk Straps

Men's Black Grain Leather Monk Strap

--Monk straps occupy a happy medium between more formal and semi-casual footwear, and feature a slightly higher heel than Oxfords or Derbies.

--The epitome of versatile, monk straps are considered to be one of the most pairable styles available, great for casual, semi-casual, or formal outfits.

--These can be on the heavier side, so if you like to stay light on your feet, you may want to try a less massive option.

Dress Sneakers

Men's Black And Gold Dress Sneaker

--Sneakers may lack the refinement of more traditionally styled footwear, but they make up for it in comfort and their modern edge.

--Dress Sneakers almost always feature a uniform sole (no heel) making them a very comfortable option for standing or walking.

--For graduation, try a pair with a darker shade of color to match with your cap and gown.

Spiked Loafers

Men's Silver Spiked Dress Loafers

--By far the most opulent option, spiked loafers signify your willingness to go completely all out for your ceremony.

--Spiked loafers may lack the traditional style of Oxford or Derby style shoes, but they more than make up for it with their stylish design.

--Almost assured to turn heads, no other option on the list carries such an immediate impact.

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Susan - May 7, 2024

My son is heavyweight,what can he wear on his graduation

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