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Menswear Summer Dress Pants Sale

Styling Your Dress Pants For Summer Weather | DVM Summer Pants Off Sale!

Hot weather can make styling with your dress pants a little bit more difficult, but we have a few suggestions to help you stay cool even as you flaunt your designer legwear in the summer heat.

To get the very most out of your apparel, check out our style guide!

Ok let's face it: wearing shorts during the summer weather is great, but it's not something you can do all the time. Even during summer, when it comes right down to it, there are times when you just have to wear pants.

Whether it's for the office, a formal event, or just a matter of personal style, sometimes wearing shorts just isn't an option.

The good news is that your summer dress pants don't have to be stiff and uncomfortable. More good news is that they are also fairly versatile, and can be worn and styled with a fairly diverse range of formal and semi-casual outfits.

Keep these tips in mind when deciding how to style your dress pants this summer:

Try Flex Fabric

Gold Stretch Fabric Dress Pants

If you wear stiff, uncomfortable dress pants in the hot weather for a long time, you will regret it.

But, not all formal legwear has to feature stiff, uncomfortable fabric. Case in point, these smoothly designed, easy fitting, 4-Way stretch design dress pants.

"4-Way stretch" refers to the 4 different directions this material can be stretched, as opposed to the usual 2 directions in more commonly used fabrics. This added dimension gives them a huge advantage in flexibility and comfort over other materials by doubling their elasticity.

With an extremely comfortable amount of flex and bold color stylings, these dress pants are a great way to keep you comfortable while you strut your summer look, preferably in an airy jacket or suit.

4-Way stretch fabric also benefits from having far less heat retention, since its porous material allows a greater amount of air-flow between its fibers, helping to keep temperatures lower and you more comfortable.

Man in Gold Stretch Dress Pants Styled With A Velvet Jacket
Style your dress pants with a velvet jacket and dress boots.

Try Striped DesignsRed And White Striped Dress Pants

It's fairly common knowledge that brighter colors reflect the sunshine more than darker ones. Keep this in mind and style your dress pants in lighter colors and textures. You might actually stand out if you wear an all black outfit to an extremely hot venue, but you might still regret the experience, due to the possibility of heat stroke.

Plaid is a timeless design that always looks classy, and it also usually features lighter colors and airy design, but for a more vintage summer look, we recommend opting for striped designs and motifs.

Like plaid, stripes are a vintage look that can be seen on a variety of dress pant styles, but they have a few qualities that make them better for summer outfits, in our opinion.

These striped dress pants present a very summer-esque style that can easily be paired and styled with other designs and fabrics that can seen during the summer months, like seersucker or white linen.

Striped outfits also have the unique effect of making their wearer look wider or taller, depending on the direction of their design: use this to your advantage and to accent or draw attention to different parts of your body!

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