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Father's Day Fashion Gift Ideas

Save 50% On All Accessories! | Father's Day Sale 2023

It's hard to shop for dad, complete his look this year with the code: "FAD50" to save 50% on all Father's Day accessories!

Need a great gift for dad this Father's Day? Can't think of a good gift to get him? Accessorize! Nothing will spice up a dad's wardrobe like new accessory to his favorite outfit.

Accessories can be used to create an almost unlimited amount of depth to any outfit, new or old. They can also be styled easily and quickly added on to an existing outfit, making them great gifts even for the dads who don't like fashion!

Take a look at a few of these suggestions that you can get 50% during our Father's Day Sale:


Colorful Neck Ties For Father's Day

Perhaps the most classic of the classics, a good necktie is a staple in almost any man's wardrobe, but finding a necktie that really stands out can be a challenge. To really get dad a tie he'll remember, try finding him an option with unique colors or motifs instead of more traditional designs for a more memorable look.

Men's Burgundy Necktie

This burgundy necktie is a great, less traditional color than solid black, but is still also classic enough to be paired with more traditional suits or outfits. Satin is a great fabric, durable and long-lasting, and can be easily styled with a wide range of outfits and textures.

If you want to get dad something more showy, try a velvet or rhinestone tie. These small additions can make huge changes to an outfit. This rhinestone laden bow-tie will put a new spin on dad's old tuxedos.


Father's Day Designer Hats And Fedoras


Hats are another very common item in most men's wardrobe, but they are definitely less common than the average necktie. A cleverly styled Hat can completely change a man's look. Hats are also easy to wear and can be styled with less formal outfits, unlike neckties.

Men's Natural White Fedora

Hats are great for shielding dad's head from the elements, which is especially important for older men or for men who spend a lot of time outdoors. This fedora is a great, classic option that is easily paired with a variety of suits or casual wear.

Men's Red Plumed Wide Brim

For a flashier option, try a plumed hat. Feathered hats add a very sophisticated touch to an outfit while still maintaining a showier style. Plumed hats are certain to draw eyes, but they also have an indelible mark of class, which makes them a great way to add flair to older or more conventional outfits.


A good accessory can extend the life of older outfits, so if dad's got any older outfits that he still likes to wear, give them an entirely new dimension with a well picked fragrance. Fragrances are also less commonly given to men as gifts, so you may surprise dad this father's day with a fine fragrance choice!

Pride by Armaf

Woodsy fragrances like Pride by Armaf tend to evoke scents relating to the earth, like cedar and sandalwood. These scents are great for creating a soft, comforting feeling that is closely connected with nature.

Products Club De Nuit by Armaf

Spicier fragrances are sharper, more noticeable and last a long time. Scents like cinnamon, pepper and cloves are common features of spicy fragrances.

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