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Summer Menswear Suits And Tuxedos

Styling For Summer 2023 Sale! | Linen VS Satin For Summer

Time to step up your summer wardrobe, signores.

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Summertime is here again, so it's time to readjust your wardrobe to match the change in weather and get ready for the sunshine.

Summer is always a fun season, but for some men it can be more difficult to dress for. Men who like to dress in layers may have to change their look, or at least their choice in fabrics, and some men who don't like to wear shorts or denim might find their sartorial options quite a bit limited.

If you're looking for a great way to style your look this summer, keep these two tips in mind:

Try Satin Fabrics

Men's Orange Satin Dress Shirt

Instead of a traditional polo shirt this summer, try a more exotic look with a satin dress shirt. Satin fabrics will help you to stand out from more traditional looks, and its texture feels great during the summer heat.

Quality satin should be silky smooth to the touch, and does a great job of reflecting heat in lighter colors.

Unlike linen, satin is easy to keep wrinkle free, meaning you'll spend less time ironing your shirt and more time being the suave devil you are.

One drawback is that satin can stick if your skin becomes too sweaty or hot, which is why we recommend that you style it without layers.

Satin works best when styled with a single layer because it isn't always very breathable, but it's so lightweight that as long as you style smartly, you shouldn't have any problems with overheating or becoming sweaty, so give it a try.

Try Linen Fabrics

Men's Sky Blue Linen Suit

Linen is another great fabric choice for creating your summer outfit, and is always a ubiquitous sight in summer outfits. Linen is widely known for its breathability and lightweight feel, making it a great choice for light summer layers or more formal warm-weather jackets.

Linen allows us to create fairly formal layered outfits that are comfortable even in warmer weather, so if you're looking for a suit to wear outdoors during the summer, linen is one of your best options.

Though it is a great and very common fabric, linen still has a few limitations:

Linen lacks the silky-soft, smooth texture that satin has, and also famously has almost no stretch or elasticity to its design. 

When buying clothes made from linen fabric, pay extra close attention to size and fit, since the reduced stretch can mean that you may have more trouble fitting into your outfit.

Linen also gets wrinkled extremely easily and can lose its shape after repeated washes, so be prepared to put in a little bit of extra ironing effort to make your linen outfits as pristine as they can be.

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